Pre Appointment Checklist

Before Cupping

  1. No food for 4-5 hours before the session unless diabetic*; If you are diabetic (in that case you can have small light meals when you need to)
  2. for Wet cupping it is very important not to eat as some people experience nausea during the cupping process, or can release a lot of heat energy. this is the reason we recommend not eating anything several hours 4-5 prior to your cupping session.
  3. Please drink plenty of water a day before and during the day of cupping.
  4. Shower before the session (application of heat will be helpful in Softening the muscles to help maximize extraction of toxins)
  5. If your able to go for a Deep Tissue Massage before the Cupping session will be highly beneficial
  6. If anyone has a lot of hair on their back, PLEASE SHAVE BEFORE coming to session otherwise the cups will not stick.

After Cupping

  1. Avoid Showering for a few hours (to allow the body to heal and clot)
  2. Cuts should heal in a few days
  3. Skin markings or discolorations will resolve in 3-7 days time
  4. Drink lots of water after the session
  5. Avoid strenuous physical exertion for 1 day
  6. Avoid milk, coffee creamers, or any heavy fatty meals.
  7. Over the next few days, you may notice possible changes in the following: bowel & bladder patterns, sleep patterns, mood, energy levels, and menstrual cycles.

Bottom Line

One may feel worse before feeling better, This is just he body’s way of adjusting … it is completely normal

If you wish to bring a friend or a family member it is always recommended. Due to the intensity of energy work , its always helpful to have a family member that will support you during the procedure.

For men & women: I have gowns available for your comfort. Generally, I would only need to have exposed area of interest for cupping. For example, most detox treatments involve the back . I would only need to have certain areas exposed during the treatment and I have two setups, a massage chair / sitting position and massage table for those that would like to lay down for maximal comfort.

If anyone is on Plavix, Xaralto, Eliquis, or Coumadin or any new blood thinners they are not eligible for wet cupping.