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Treatment services are offered By Dr. Paruk , MD, ABFM

Firstly , I would personally welcome you to Florida Cupping Clinic. I am extremely happy that you are looking into cupping therapy as possible adjunct to modern medicine. The truth is that, unfortunately this knowledge has somewhat been lost over time. I can tell you with all of the medical background that I have , and my current literature review I have discovered that cupping therapy is no gimmick. the procedure is relatively cost effective and healing benefits are truly amazing. I will give you a short explanation:

1. Cupping creates artificial suction that can be likened to an idea of having an artificial kidney Haven’t you heard of dialysis? The mechanism of action could be thought of in this way.

2. This type suction pressure creates a vacuum that forces toxins to the surface where it is eventually removed.

its as simple as that….

All automobiles require oil changes from time to time, so it’s the very same idea, every so many thousand miles we all require maintenance to keep our bodies fit ,and prepared for optimal function……

Here is some info about me:

I have been in the Orlando area for the last several years and my expertise lies in the area of Hospital & Family Medicine. I am board certified in Family Practice.

I offer two type of services, mainly WET cupping (involving removal blood) and DRY cupping (without the removal of blood). Call it old medicine. Old medicine is still good medicine. Now a days, we end up taking too many medicines (polypharmacy) and not treating the cause of our sicknesses.

With cupping this is a holistic & natural approach to healing . Basically cups are placed in the area of the symptom, for example “back pain” or in areas that are known to help detoxify the body sometimes along energy centers for example certain places on body or the back.

Some have experienced cupping therapy as a way to ‘reset’ the mind body and soul. With that said, I wish to share this type of healing by offering this to anyone who wishes to experience it.

PS: I look forward to working with you individually and and also how we can be a partner in your healing process. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or send an email to with “subject field ” questions.

Warm regards,
Dr. Paruk

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